CARGO Inspection and Surveys

CARGO Inspection and Surveys

ERAM International Cargo Inspection & surveys, ensures that appropriate storage and handling methods are employed during loading to protect your financial interests. Our inspection and surveys also conducted on special products or products of high value, and involve the sorting of good quality products from those with defects. The techniques used by our experts similar to those used in our final random sample inspections and include:

  • Quantity checks
  • Visual appearance checks
  • Functional checks
  • Packaging and labeling checks


One of the main things buyers are looking for, is that their consignment arrives in the condition as ordered. There is no point in shipping something that does not arrive intact. Assuring that the cargo in question meets all of the specifications as initially agreed upon by buyer and seller, our pre shipment inspection (PSI) offer a solution that ensures the cargo leaves and arrived in good order.

Elements of a consignment can be inspected?

The type of pre shipment inspection undertaken is determined by you and your needs, especially since each consignment has its own terms of payment and delivery requirements. At minimum Eram International each PSI can be comprised of the following:

quality inspection
quantity confirmation
conducting or eye-witnessing in- or out of house testing
packaging verification
labelling verification
marking verification

ERAM International preshipment inspection benefits:

The cargo is verified against the terms as you have agreed upon prior to shipment
The consignment can be refused if terms are not met
The final payment can be made in confidence
A reduction of damage during shipment


To meet customer requirements ERAM International offerscargo Tally services to verify the compliance of cargo to the shipping documents,or to perform an independent tally or cargo survey.
Our experts shall carry out the recounting, inspection and photographing of the goods and, if necessary, shall perform the expert appraisal of damages and professional completion of the corresponding documents, however we would like to point out that liquid or gasses are not covered in our range of expertise or experience.

Our tally service is tailored to your requirements and can range from:

The confirmation that the shipment has been packed, marked and labelled accurately according to the specified terms of delivery
That the recording numbers and quantities during loading or unloading assure that the cargo meets the specifications as defined in shipping documents
That the product marking and packing details are monitored in order to confirm the consignment is shipped in the required type of packaging
The manufacture dates, batch numbers, expiry dates, shipping marks and packing lists, supplier certificates and labels verification and confirmation are included.