ERAM International recruits qualified professionals in its team together with Engineers, Inspectors, Administrators, and Technical Professionals. Our Inspectors are assigned after assessing the qualifications against the client requirements and standards.

Our Team Includes :
1. Quality Consultants
2. Auditors
3. Trainers
4. Vendor Inspectors

Experience And Qualification

Mechanical Equipments and components

Inspectors possess knowledge of shop and field fabrication, manufacturing, assembly and inspection activities of various mechanical equipments to ensure that processes are carried in accordance with relevant inspection procedures, drawings and specifications.

Static and Rotating Machinery, Equipment & Components

Inspectors possess knowledge of Static and Rotating equipment and are familiar with the tests required to assure that the units inspected are functioning as required.

Electrical and Instrumentation

Inspectors possess broad knowledge and experience in electrical/instrument inspections and good knowledge of applicable codes and standards.


Inspectors have applicable experience in inspection of coating for industry and possess knowledge of procedures for handling, applying and testing coatings.


Inspectors possess knowledge of civil codes/HSE specification and experience in civil fabrication, erection, inspection and tests.